Tuesday, August 19, 2014


 It's time for a HALLOWEEN/FALL.  Sandy and I are hostessing this One on One Swap. Sandy made this darling button for the swap!

You take a Round, vintage cookie cutter and decorate it like the one above! EASY, PEASY!  This cutter is 3 or so inches. Please use this size or larger!!! No MINI cutters. You also make either a CARD or TAG. Then you  ADD 5 items, (buttons, bits & bob's, etc.) and 1 TREAT! Ask your partner what she LIKES!

Here are the RULES:

One on One swap
USA only

You MUST EMAIL your partner RIGHT AWAY and see what She Likes, Halloween or Fall! It's about your partner! You will also exchange addresses. You MUST EMAIL your partner when you have MAILED the package. Please make the package fun to open. You know!!!

You MUST POST ON YOUR BLOG THE SWAP GOODIES YOU RECEIVE! NO EXCEPTION. If you don't, you will not be in other swaps that we hostess. I will check. Post as soon as you receive your goodies. Thank you!

Sign ups on this POST ONLY. You MUST EMAIL ME that you want to do this SWAP

Sign up until Aug 31st. PARTNERS will be EMAIL either Sept 3rd or 4th. Package MUST BE MAILED OCTOBER 1st!!!

QUESTIONS: email me! Thank You! It's a FUN and EASY SWAP! 
Deb & Sandy



Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'm feeling Gray = Bathroom makeover next week

Hubby is taking off next week from his 3:30 AM job to makeover the main bathroom...this is the new vinyl flooring that will replace the old, can't get it to look clean, ceramic tile...The photo doesn't show the grays very well..but you get the idea :)  I'm going to paint the existing cabinet the darker gray, on the right of the paint sample.I will add bead broad on the opposite wall, which will be painted the dark gray same as the cabinet. The baseboards will be white. The currant counter top is marble with swirls of gray and that is  staying. The walls will be the color on the left...

Of course there will be many photos of the before and after. Not sure if I should go with a white shower curtain, silver or gray...hmm...have a great weekend.

p.s. Sandy and I are going to have a Halloween/Fall swap...will post about that next week...it's a fun and easy swap! 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A FUN Week & Mirror is Up !

 Last Tuesday we had a very fun time making "clay" animals at a studio not far from home. Grandgirl, her friend and us 2 "grandmas" went and created the animals above. I made the white puppy, grandgirl made the light brown puppy, dark puppy made by her friend and the panda was made by the other grandma!

 It was fun to learn how to make animals at this shop. The class was $16.00 per person and you completed the project there. After we went to lunch, shopping at a couple antique shops and there was a scrapbook store in this little town too! I bought some pretty papers!

 The barn wood frame and birdie were recent purchases. The door knob plate and metal piece were bought on Thursday when Faye, from Wild Rose Vintage and I met at Haupt Antique occasional shop in Apple Valley, lunch at Panera's, YUM! and found a couple of thrift stores. We didn't get any photos of  us :(  Faye had a really good time and bought some great pieces!

Here is the new mirror above the mantle. I'm WORKING on what I want on the mantle....The pink vase is also a recent purchase and it's a Red Wing. 

Thank you for all your very sweet and lovely comments about my "Bride"! 6 weeks to go!

This week I get to pick up my corset, LOL!, go to eye doctor for new contacts, taking a card class on Wednesday evening and it's a "Tea" theme.  Saturday is the "brides" bachelorette party. I am the sober driver! They are renting a boat on a lake for a 4 hour cruise, then a taco bar at her home. I'm not going on the boat....I know there are a couple other things going on...anyway...time is flying!!! 

I've been making some Halloween cards! Just in the mood :)  Oh, I ordered new flooring for the main bathroom! Nothing like a wedding to really get some projects done! It's a vinyl flooring. I'll be sure to take before and after photos. Hubby and I will be the floor, (mostly hubby!) and I will paint the existing cabinet and we are adding bead board on one wall! It sure needs an update!

Okay, I think that is everything I had to say! LOL!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Swap Card, Tag & Destash

 The last swap from A Swap for All Seasons, held by Linda, had the theme ,  "Just My Style", so you could design the card and tag, your style. I received the card and tag above and destash below from Wendy at
The Frog Princess.  Thank you, Wendy for the card, tag and goodies.

 Destash Wendy sent.

There were 3 of these guys on the milkweed plants by the garage. I love their colors and sure hope the turn into butterflies!

Ginger and I had a nice time today. Popovers at the General Store, a little shopping and lots of talking! It was a good day!

Hi Marge!!! Nice talking with you today! XO

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Faye, oops, I just forgot the name of her blog.... We are going to an occasional sale, thrift store and lunch! I'm having a fun week :)


Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Peek at the Bride in her Dress

NO, you don't get to see the entire dress...today was alterations day at the bridal shop. This is how the dress will look with the bustles on the left side. Price for the alterations, including a free pressing...$85.00 ! HOORAY!!! I was very concerned that it was going to cost around 200-300 hundred dollars! THANKFUL!!

I'm getting all teary writing this post. I've been more emotional. Seeing her in her dress just fills my eyes up with tears..they are HAPPY tears...

Tomorrow is my duty day at Auntie M's...come visit me!!! Tuesday is time with grandgirl and her friend. Wednesday is a day with Ginger, her hubby is Mark that passed away on July 6th....so it will be the first month marker...she could decided to stay home...continued prayers for her and the boys would be so appreciated...Thank you!

48 days until the wedding!!!

The garage sale went pretty good. This time a couple small pieces of furniture sold. We "made" around 600.00 for a day and a 1/2.

I better get some treasures ready for the booth...later friends.

deb  :)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Awesome Mantle Mirror and Finds

The totally AWESOME mirror will be going over the mantle!!! I love the patina and beveled edges.

It has a little Art Deco look going on along with the etching. I have to get some heavy duty hangers/hooks and then it will go over the mantle.

Fun finds from Friday.

Isn't that Santa sign fun. It's a keeper. I haven't found vintage cards in ages until this sale. The pyrex bowls will be going to the booths. Most of the finds are going to the booths.

The next couple of days, getting ready for the garage sale. Grand girl is my helper. I'm not sure how well the sale will go. I feel that spring and fall are the best times.

The "undergarment" fitting was too FUNNY! I was laughing while trying on the corsets...WOW, they are TIGHT! Daughter has hers and mine will arrive in a couple of weeks. It does make my dress look better.

Only SEVEN WEEKS before the Wedding! I better check my "do to" list...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Peek at Centerpiece for wedding & Plate wall

 These are the "faux" calla lily flowers that will be the center pieces on the tables for daughter's wedding. Just a peek for you...it's getting closer!!!  Each table will have a combination of white and the hot pink/fuchsia with black, white and clear marbles in the bottom of the vase that will have "Bling" wrapped around it.

I wasn't quite happy with my plate wall, so I added more little plates...maybe 2 more are needed! LOL!

Looks better for now!

Grandgirl has the last tourney for fast pitch that starts tomorrow and goes thru Sunday. Friday daughter and I will go to a specialty shop for "undergarments" for the wedding. That will be interesting! We are bringing our dresses to see what will work to "thin" us down a bit.

Looks like the garage sale might be next Thursday.  There may be some "time" to go treasure hunting this weekend...there are MANY listed!

I painted the wall leading to the family room today. It's the only area that hasn't been painted since we bought the house. Looks much better and of course much cleaner! Slowly the projects are getting done. Not sure about the new bathroom floor, vanity and bead board before the wedding!

Happy Weekend!