Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Mantle & Wedding Photos

Here is my Fall Mantle! I just LOVE fall colors and this is when they come out at my home! The banner is from Shirley from the banner swap last year. The angel is from Sharon who came last year and stayed with me for a few days.  She isn't blogging right now. I think my new/old mirror is a great backdrop.  I made the white fabric pumpkin on the left last year, I think! Found the old picture at a sale and had to keep it!

Totally LOVE this PHOTO!!!! Again, this is from my little camera. I can't' wait to see the professional ones! Why does it take so long when it's all digital??! Hmmm...

These are my "kids" Godparents. I met them when I was in junior high school. Jeanne was a Sunday School teacher and I was her helper! They are awesome Christians...not perfect...but always praying for me and my family. Isn't my son just so Handsome!!! I'm so happy that I have a few photos to keep looking at!

The Honeymooners are home and everyone is back to their routine :)

Tomorrow I'm going to the "Gathering of Friends" sale and then visit the Bachman Ideas House with a couple of dealer friends and of course, out to lunch! Friday I'm going to a new hairstylist....I think the weekend will be outside chores and pricing some recent finds! We hit a pretty good sale last Friday. It was a 3 days sale and we went ALL THREE DAYS!! Of course, I'll be showing you the finds!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Halloween Cookie Cutter Swap

Sandy and I had a Halloween/Fall Cookie Cutter Swap. I had 2 partners. The first one is Beth from Dime Store Chic. Beth has a great Etsy shop too! The photo above is her as a little girl! Too CUTE!!!

 This is Beth's creation that is now mine! Who doesn't love a little birdie with a Halloween hat!

 Then she sent all these goodies! WOW!! THANK YOU, Beth!!! Your generosity is very appreciated!

My 2nd partner is Terri from Our Good Life. We did a fall theme for the cookie cutters! What fun, right!

YUM, lots of sweet treats and fun fall goodies! THANK YOU, Terri! How fun to have 2 swap partners!

NOW, for the other gals that joined, your package should be in the mail on Wednesday and then POST right away to THANK YOUR Partner!!! Plus, we all love to see how creative everyone is! Thank You to all the gals that have already posted! :)

The Honeymooners will be home on Monday....

Hubby and I did go out to a couple of estate sales :) and I put up some fall on my mantle...the days fly by! You have heard that our temps have been in the 80's the last couple of days! LOVE IT!!! The leaves are so pretty!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More Wedding Photos

 My son and grandgirl walking down the aisle..... it was so nice outside.....

 Bride and her dad, (my first husband) (He looks so old, right!)...

Bride and her "dad" my hubby has been more like her dad than her's not who birthed you, it's who is THERE!!! Hubby's suite is a little big...he's a little guy, as I call him :)

Okay....I'm not sure when the professional photos will be ready...and then you can see me :)


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Little Wedding Peek

 Here is a peek at daughter's bridal bouquet...very pretty and the table center pieces before the table were set with the table wear...

The CAKE!!!  The wedding went well, just a couple "glitches"... that no one really knew about...the weather was great and it did rain while we were eating dinner, inside.  After the rain, a beautiful Double rainbow appeared and the photographer took a photo of them and the rainbow. I can't wait to see it.

I have grandgirl until Friday, so I'm being a "mom" again...I'll post later, after the weekend.  Thank you for all your prayers for daughter and the wedding!!!

These photos are from my little camera.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Groom's Dinner & Request, please

I bought them t-shirts to wear on their honeymoon....the groom's dinner was okay. Taco bar was okay. They went over who is walking who down the aisle, what time to be at the golf club, etc...I think we are ready!!! 

Daughter wasn't feeling so good on Sunday. Tightness in her chest, temp of 102 and coughing...and hubby to be started coughing too...So, If you have any time to pray for everyone to be HEALTHY for the wedding, I would deeply appreciate it. Also, there is a 60% chance of rain on Saturday..morning, "they" say...again, if you have the time, please pray for perfect weather...THANK YOU from the Top & Bottom of my HEART!

I'll take as many photo's as I can at the wedding. I'll post again early next week with all the wedding details!

 "Thank You" to all of you who left the nicest comments on Susan's blog and mine about the Saturday Spotlight...XO!!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Spotlight

"Little ole me" is being featured today on Susan's blog called, Must Love Junk!! Susan loves old stuff and has created a lovely home with her finds. She also sells "junk" with her mom at their shop. Susan is a very sweet gal. Please visit her blog!

 THANK YOU, Susan for inviting me to be on your "Saturday Spotlight"!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Whimsy Jar Swap & Crafting

 I recently joined a Whismy Jar Swap that Jessica had. My partner was Lilla at Just Lilla and she sent me the jar above loaded with all you see in the photo below :) She lives in Hawaii :) The circle lace piece is something her 90 year old Mom made. It goes on top of your cup to keep the bugs out! She also send me Hankies, buttons lace & more! THANK YOU, Lilla for the jar filled with creating fun!

 This is the jar I sent to Lilla with all that you see below. :)

Yesterday I was in the mood to make some cards and tags! I seem to work with my table loaded with stuff...hmm!!! Yesterday it was cloudy with light rain.  It was a good day to stay inside :)

ONLY 8 Days until the WEDDING!!! I think we are all ready! Saturday is the Groom's dinner :)

I'll have another post this week, on Saturday. I'm going to be "Spotlighted" on someones blog:) Stay tuned and come back on Saturday!